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Firstly, we need to understand what is telehealth and why has, its significance increased fourfold in the recent years?  According to a study, it has been concluded that via telehealth services patients can gain access to a large network of qualified physicians and clinicians and avail the best services. This leads to improvement in health care systems and proactively manages the patient care. Overall, reducing the care delivery expenditure. However, it should be mentioned that these vital care services cannot be accomplished without the proper access to quality clinicians, which is where our role sets in. It is critically important as we help fulfill the demand for telehealth jobs, which have escalated overtime and play a vital part in the healthcare cycle.

Cure Healthcare Staffing’s telehealth solutions and services offer medical facilities to get access to a wide network of highly educated and qualified clinicians to connect to patients anywhere with top physicians, practioners, nurses and physician assistants who can undertake the responsibility of keeping up with the standards of the country’s top health care systems. Our telehealth solutions thus helps overcome the challenges associated with finding rare clinical resources and the establishment of telehealth services that offer incomparable level of patient care.

Improved financial output with Our Telehealth solutions

The telehealth solution can be of great advantage to our clients especially when it comes to gaining ROI.  It can benefit the employers by augmenting the case volumes and better management of complex patients. Several case studies have pointed out towards increase in service line revenues and reduced incremental expenses when compared to the traditional on-site care. These telehealth services also prove beneficial in delivery value for the local physicians, assistants, nurse practioners and others. CurenHealthCare staffing can help in reducing burnouts and enhance quality of life and satisfaction for local healthcare providers, improving to a great degree the healthcare recruitment system, leading to greater retention and downsizing the turnover.

Advantages of our Telehealth Program

  • Helps in expansion of market coverage as well as service offerings
  • Improvement in patient access to critical healthcare experts
  • Meets the demand for quality initiative and improved patient outcomes.
  • Helps in expansion of clinical productivity while improving retention rates.
  • Helps in offering coordinated care services outside facility.

Our Telehealth staffing solutions.

  • Remote Locums – These are our set of devoted staff of temporary physicians and advanced clinical practitioners who support telehealth care services.
  • On-Call Support Coverage – This comprises of a specialty panel of physicians and clinicians, which take care of on-spot emergency care coverage.
  • Scheduled Clinics – These are pre arranged and scheduled outpatient consultations for specialties like psychiatry and physiotherapy.
  • Integrated Care Teams – This is a highly amalgamated clinical panel for coordinated care services such as remote patient care and monitoring, epidemic management as well as other integrated services.
  • Cash and Billing – We provide expert support services for teleheath service billing, coding and collection services.
  • Modern Inputs and Technical support– We offer balanced and sound technical expertise for assessment and evaluation of top quality telehealth technology.
  • Consultation services – Our Business consultation helps in designing, implementing and expansion of the telehealth services.

Why should you choose Cure Healthcare staffing’s Telehealth services over others?

Telehealth services as is often noticed undergoes an unsteady pattern of patient case frequencies, this leads to expensive and critical clinical scheduling. At Healthcare Staffing, we offer a wide network of advanced practice clinicians and physicians who are experts in the field. Our talent pool of workforce has the capacity to serve multiple telehealth clients which helps in the transition of agile and economic services along with enhanced productivity for the employers. Our telehealth solutions can help supplement your clinical resource to accommodate to additional patient volumes, offer extra special care services, manage overflow of work demand during peak hours, and offer on-call support staff for weekends and evenings. Lastly, we also help collaborate our clinical assistance with your technology for ultimate success.

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