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Comprehensive nurse staffing and recruitment implies not just finding a candidate to fill in the position but also focusing upon the need of the facility or organization, whether they require a permanent nurse staffing service, travel nurse staffing service, expert home care nurse staffing, interim nurses or nurses for per – diem staffing services , we at healthcare staffing solutions provide you with the largest pool of the most diversified range of talented and experienced  nurse staffing candidates from across the nation.

Our Diverse Nurse Staffing Services

At healthcare staffing solutions, our services are customized to fit your organizations interests and as such, the assignment lengths and the nursing specialties’ can be customized at length to match your specific needs:

  • Traditional travel nurse staffing
  • Per-diem nurse placement
  • Temporary nurse staffing (locum tenens)
  • Critical staffing and rapid response assignments
  • Electronic medical record (EMR) implementations
  • Permanent nurse placements
  • International nursing jobs
  • Interim nurse manager, nurse director, CNO, CNE placement

Dedicated To Quality Services And Customer Satisfaction.

Cure Healthcare Staffing observes absolutely stringent measure when it comes to quality checks  which comprise of comprehensive assessments for ensuring that each of the nursing candidates have the requisite  training, licensing and clinical competence required for the position.  We also give a boost if the candidates pursue continuing education opportunities and offer a number of support services to assist them in their development as better medical professionals. We thus appraise each nursing candidate to ensure that they are the perfect match for the placement. Healthcare staffing is committed to offering quality services with a consistent improvisation.


Our workforce solution panel of experts goes beyond the ordinary tenets of typical standard nurse staffing provision and moves a step ahead by volunteering to help your facility in streamlining your entire clinical staff and recruiting procedures. Healthcare staffing’s MSP ( Managed Service Program )  helps coordinate and streamline the contingent workforce whereas our EMR  (Electronic Medical Record) staffing enables to ease the facility an make it more scalable by streamlining the processes of the otherwise complex and time taking EMR and EHR computer conversions and implementations. Our RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) program on the other hand offers comprehensive services for permanent and temporary staffing needs for your facility.

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