Travel Nurse Staffing

Evaluated, Assessed and Trained Nurses that can adapt to changing situations.

Specialized travel nurses to fulfill nurse-staffing demands.

Our exceptional Travel nurse staffing solutions.

Our Travel nurses are specially sourced from profound areas and our chosen to be a part of our esteemed agency. These travel nurses are trained to cater to the patient care needs and also keep in mind the organizational achievements to help flourish business goals.

We offer the best travel nurses in the healthcare staffing industry and our services can help you fill healthcare staffing voids of any duration  with quick and easy absorption of our efficient travel nurses for even the most hard to fill positions.

Our meticulous screening procedure comprises of the following QC’s:

  • Clinical eligibility reviews
  • Current BLS
  • Drugs and background checks
  • End of assignment evaluations
  • Health checks
  • NPDB reviews
  • Skillset evaluation
  • Supervisory references
  • Sanction monitoring

It should also be noted here that more than 50% of our travel nurses attain BSN’s while over 70% are consistently re-booked for their quality services and high level of customer satisfaction. All our travel nurses are prescreened and are also allowed to continue and update themselves with compliance training and education to enable them to enhance their performance.

Our Travel Nurses are:

  • Pre-Screened – We select travel nurses that are pre- screened, as we want to assure that our clients receive quality candidates. It also saves the turnaround time for hiring, placements, and helps save the resources being engaged for interviewing, screening, training and hiring. Hence, we stress upon pre-screened candidates and deliver the same to our partners.
  • Highly Qualified and Trained – We recruit and place only the most well trained Travel nurses who are the most competent and fit into the organizational process. We source our travel nurses from a talent pool of the best candidates and place them into our clients care facility to perform well and deliver high level of clinical care as expected.
  • Adaptable to Changing Norms – The reason we insist our travel nurses to be adaptable is that it will enable them to be quick learners and easily integrate with the team allowing them to be go-getters. As such, our travel nurses are proficient in what they do. In addition, their highly adaptable nature enables you to help preserve the time, training expenses and provide complete patient care.
  • Experienced and Passionate – Experienced Travel Nurses are an invaluable asset to any medical facility. We provide travel nurses with ample experience in travel nursing services and more than half of our travel nurses have more than 5 years of experience in the field. The reason why we stress upon experienced nurses is the fact that they offer greater competency, minimal training, have better understanding ability of the need of the hour and are extremely responsive to even the unspoken requirements of the patients. Since with their experience they have already witnessed and have been part of several critical conditions and know how to handle them best. As such, they can benefit any facility they become a part of wit their industry experience and passion at work they can easily integrate with the facilities’’ FTE’s and offer optimal patient care.

Healthcare Staffing- a verified and dependable partner for travel nurse staffing

We proffer to our clients more than two decades of our travel nurse staffing services with our industry knowledge and expertise for all kinds of situations and medical conditions. We are a verified and certified company of international repute providing quality travel nurse staffing solutions.

Client- Centric Account manager

Our account managers for travel nurse staffing are highly responsive and experienced. They would inquire about your expectations and standards for you facility’s travel nurse placements and provide you with the right set of travel nursing candidates to suit your organization.

Our Cost Effective Solutions

One of the major issues concerning travel nurse staffing is cost containment. We provide comprehensive pricing on hourly basis and our rates are fairly competitive when compared to the benefits they come with:

  • A complete staff of nurses harbors a good environment with reduced readmission rates and generating greater revenue.
  • Nurses create greater impact upon the patients with their amiable behavior and service thus increasing survey scores and enhancing revenue along with happy patients.
  • An increase in nurse hours often leads to lowering of adverse patients events as well as cuts out the odds of penalties within the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program.

Fulfilling your Business Demands

According to the views of several analysts, researchers, and hospital managers it is has been found out in a clinical workforce survey 17% think that average vacancy rates for nurses was higher in 2009, 63% agree that the newly insured will enhance the requirement for nurses, 66% agree that there is a shortage for qualified and experienced nurses and 92% believe that the staffing expenses are likely to go higher. Thus with staffing vacancies accelerating in the years to come and escalating hiring expenses getting top quality staffing solutions can be a tough task. However, we can always be there to assist you with our comprehensive staffing solutions.

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