Travel Nursing in California

When you work as a travel nurse, there’s no place better to visit and work than the stunning Golden State. California has something for everyone. From small towns with a beautiful historic charm to large urban settings and fun places near the beach, you can find something interesting in any area of the state.

Whether you want to explore the cinematic capital in Hollywood or you plan to explore one of the larger cities by working in San Francisco or Los Angeles, the state has a wealth of interesting activities and aspects that set it apart for nurses. Every area of the state has something unique, so travel nurses can enjoy their time by learning about the local environment, unique cultures and diverse ethic surrounds that make the state stand out.

Fun Activities in California

California is a large state and it has so many activities and interesting sights that you can get overwhelmed by the entertainment and experience. While the specific activities available depend on the location, both the north and south parts of the state have fun activities and interesting destinations.

Let your inner child run wild by visiting Disneyland in Anaheim and meeting your favorite Disney characters. Explore the theme park and let yourself run wild on Huckleberry Finn Island or spend time watching the fun shows and parades that are a key part of the experience. If you want a park with more extreme rides and a chance to meet Snoopy instead, then try out Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park. The theme parks are within a short drive, so you can enjoy them both in your downtime.

If you enjoy nature and hiking, then visit the hiking trails in Big Sur or Yosemite National Park. The hiking trails give you a chance to enjoy the natural surroundings while still getting the exercise you want during your time as a travel nurse.

The beaches in California area key part of the experience. Take a day to enjoy listening to the sound of the Pacific Ocean and watch the stunning sunset as it falls below the waterline.

If you love history, then visit Mission San Juan Capistrano or any of the other missions available to the public. The Mission San Juan Capistrano is one of the oldest facilities in the state and it takes you back to the late 1700s.

Working as a Travel Nurse in California

California is a stunning location with an array of interesting activities when you travel as a nurse. At Cure Healthcare, we help you find the right travel nurse position in a wide array of cities and towns throughout the state. Whether you want to work in the Anaheim or Long Beach area or you prefer to work further north in San Francisco or Sacramento, we offer a variety of positions with different areas of specialization. You can find positions in a variety of medical facilities throughout the state that allow travel nurses to help residents with their health while still enjoying the beauty of the state.

Travel Nursing in Texas

Imagine a beach that has stunning views, amazing sand and warm water that invites you to swim along the Gulf. Picture an adorable historic town in the hill country with a quaint touch of the old west or a stroll along the River Walk in San Antonio. If you’re looking for an environment that has something for everyone, then Travel Nursing in Texas is the perfect state for your interests.

Endless Assignments in Texas

As the second largest state in the United States, Texas has a diverse range of different environments and interesting activities. Do you want to ride a horse? Is camping your favorite outdoor activity? Do you love sitting on a beach and reading a great book? In Texas, you can try it all by exploring different areas of the state. Whether you want to work close to the 600 miles of stunning beaches along the Gulf of Mexico or you prefer to try hiking and camping in a state park, you can try it all in Texas.

Activities for Travel Nursing in Texas

Texas is a large state, which means you have a large amount of interesting activities and outdoor areas to explore. The state has everything from prairies to lakes and beaches. Whether you want to stay in the desert, you enjoy warm temperatures and breath-taking desert landscapes. You can also enjoy spending time at the beach near the Gulf of Mexico in areas like Corpus Christi.

If you love bird watching, then Texas is a great state for your assignment. Although Texas may have a wild-west reputation, it is actually one of the top destinations for bird watching in the country. As a warm state, many bird migrate to the area during the winter months. They also travel back and forth through the state at different times of the year, so you can see beautiful birds from a variety of species in the state by taking a birding tour.

Horseback riding is a popular activity in the state. You can enjoy riding a horse in a variety of locations and settings, including along the stunning beaches. If you’ve never ridden a horse, then you can take lessons and learn to ride during your assignment in the state.

Do you love history? If you do, then Texas is a great place for your assignment. With 500 historic sights throughout the state, you are able to take a step back in time by visiting some of the historic buildings and towns.

Travel Nursing Assignment in the State

Travel nursing in Texas provides the opportunity to enjoy the amazing wealth of activities and interesting assignments available through the area. Cure Healthcare has assignments for travel nurses in the major cities throughout the state, including Dallas, Corpus Christi, Houston and Austin. We work with hospitals and medical facilities throughout the state, so you can find an assignment that works with your goals and interests.

Specialized nurses can finds assignments throughout the large state that fit their specific areas of expertise. Whether you want to work with children, in an emergency room environment or you plan to assist doctors in specific fields, we have travel nurse positions available in Texas that work with your goals.

As a hardworking nurse, Texas can give you plenty to do in your off time, even if you just want to find a great place to relax.  Texas has it all.

Temporary, travel, local, long term and short term contracts available.  Speak to a professional with Cure today.

Services We Provide

Services We Provide

Staffing a hospital or medical facility may require travel nurses who have experience in specific fields. At Cure Healthcare, we help connect nurses to medical facilities for different positions. By recognizing the services we provide, recruiters or hiring staff can find qualified nurses without the complexities of traditional hiring strategies.

Seeking a Qualified Professional

A key service we offer is the opportunity to find a qualified professional for a position. We set specific standards for experience and education when searching for travel nurses. If you need a professional with specialized skills, then we seek out the right individual for the position.

Our ability to find a qualified professional with two or more years of experience simplifies your search for a nurse. We handle the challenges of finding the right individual for a position in your hospital or medical facility.

Verification of Compliance Standards

At Cure Healthcare, we always ensure that our travel nurses comply with your standards for licensing, certification and experience. We check on the validity of a nursing license and make sure that a professional is licensed in your state.

While we check for validity, we also verify that a nurse’s license will not expire during her term as a travel nurse in a facility. They must have a valid license in the state where they intend to work and comply with any standards set by the state and facility. We verify immunization records, drug screenings, physical exams and any other standards set by a facility for compliance with a strict adherence to JACHO Standards.

Travel nurses assist medical facilities by providing specialized skills. By working with Cure Healthcare to find the right professional, a facility avoids unnecessary hassles while hiring and ensures proper licensing and certification for a specific position. To learn more about our standards and travel nurses, contact Cure Healthcare today.

Paid Sick Leave for Travel Nurses

Working with Cure Healthcare as a travel nurse may result in a position in California and understanding paid sick leave for travel nurses is important. However, having some knowledge of the paid sick leave laws and the way it applies to a travel nurse, you have an idea about your rights and options if you get sick while working in the state.

Who Qualifies for Paid Sick Leave?

Paid sick leave applies to all private and public employers. As a result, it means most individuals working in California qualify for paid sick leave when they accrue a day or more of leave. Travel nurses qualify for the paid sick leave, but the amount of leave and the method of accruing sick leave may vary.

The Process of Accruing Sick Leave

When you work as a travel nurse, you may not work for more than a few months in a specific location. Despite the short-term nature of any specific position, you may qualify for a set number of paid sick leave days at the start of a year or an anniversary year if you start in the middle of a calendar year. Most employers provide a stated number of paid sick days for each year for simplicity.

Some employers may set up an accrual method that focuses on hours worked to hours of sick leave. Essentially, you earn one hour of paid sick leave if you work 30 hours. In most cases, the number of paid sick leave hours will cap at 48 hours or six days, but the exact details depend on the process set up by an employer.

Travel nurses benefit from California’s paid sick leave laws and can take off time when sick without worrying about the financial costs. At Cure Healthcare, we help travel nurses understand the state laws to avoid complications during their placement in a specific location.

To learn more or discuss your options with a professional, fill out the form below.


The Differences Between Recruiting Travel Nurses and Permanent Staff Members

The Differences Between Recruiting Travel Nurses and Permanent Staff Members

Recruiting effective professionals in the healthcare industry is a key part of developing an effective facility. When the management of a facility decides to work with travel nurses from Cure Healthcare, they must understand the differences between travel nurses and permanent staff members.

The Role of the Recruiter

In travel nursing, a recruiter is a key part of the hiring process. A recruiter works directly with the travel nurse from the beginning. Unlike a permanent position, where a nurse may only talk to a recruiter briefly if at all, a travel nurse learns about different positions and discusses their career options with a recruiter to find the right fit for their experience.  The two work together to get the best possible position at the best possible pay.

A Large Number of Available Roles

Travel nursing recruiters have an advantage when it comes to placing a nurse in an effective position. Since the recruiter works with multiple facilities and hospitals, they have more positions available for a specialized nurse. It allows a nurse to work in their chosen area of specialization by traveling to a different area or even picking up a local assignment. The recruiter is not limited to a single facility or hospital, which allows a travel nurse recruiter to offer more options and opportunities.  In this day and age, maximizing your return on experience is vital.

The Hiring Decisions

Permanent staff members for a hospital are hired directly by the professionals at the facility. Travel nurses are also hired by the hospital or medical facility, so recruiters act as a middle-man. Recruiters do not hire a travel nurse; instead, they focus on ensuring proper exposure in available positions and connecting a nurse to facilities with an open position.  Agency nurses will always make more money than direct hire nurses.  Sometime the amount is substantially more.

Travel nurses have key advantages when it relates to their career opportunities and experiences. The key is recognizing that a travel nurse works directly with a recruiter and may have more competition for a role due to the recruitment process, but a good recruiter can leverage their relationship with the facility to get their nurse a better opportunity. To learn more about working at a travel nurse, contact Cure Healthcare today.

Travel Nurse Recruiter

When you decide to seek a position as a travel nurse through Cure Healthcare, you want to understand the role of your recruiter. A great recruiter helps you find a position that fits your skills, area of expertise and certifications as a nurse. By recognizing his or her role in your search for a travel nursing position, you have an idea of what to expect from the hiring process.  Our skilled travel nurse recruiters are located nationwide are some of the best in the industry.

A Recruiter sells your skills and boosts your career

The primary job of a travel nurse recruiter is sales.  Not to you, but to hiring managers to get you a great position with more income potential. Recruiters must sell you and your skills to help place you in a position and get you noticed. At Cure Healthcare, we strive to help you find the right position without causing discomfort or making you feel like a number. Our recruiters discuss your goals, skills and preferences as part of their process to find the right job placement.  In our world, you are the celebrity and we are your agent.  We take a white glove approach to your career and we take it seriously.

Submitting Candidates to a Position

The submission process falls into two parts: the profile and the permission. A recruiter obtains a complete profile of a candidate and ensures that the individual qualifies for an available position. They then talk to a travel nurse about the all the available positions and gain permission to submit your profile for an assignment.  The right recruiter can make all the difference.

A submission profile is complex because a recruiter must verify information and contact references as part of the process. Cure recruiters make sure your profile looks as polished and professional as you.  Yes, they ensure that every candidate qualifies for a role, has appropriate certification and have the experience required for a position, but they work to make sure your experience with Cure is seamless and professional.  At times, they may work with a third party to avoid conflicts or complications in your placement so that your schedule does not have any disruptions.

Travel nurse recruiters help you reach your goals for a position in nursing. Connecting great nurses to medical facilities and selling your skills on behalf of you is an important aspect of an assignment.  It could mean the difference in higher pay or not.

Through a combination of verifying data and discussing your abilities with appropriate hiring professionals in a medical facility,  a great recruiter can work with your situation to help you find a position in your desired location and area of expertise.

We invite you to explore Cure as your agent.

Things to Know About the Nursing Job Market

Nursing Job Market

When you start looking for a new position as a travel nurse, you want to understand the market conditions and the possibilities for career opportunities in different states. By understanding the nursing job market, you have the tools to navigate the opportunities available around the country and work on gaining the experience you need for your long-term goals.

Nursing Shortages May Be Regional

A nursing shortage does not necessarily apply to every locality or specific area of specialization in the healthcare industry. It may mean opportunities are available in certain regions or in different states. It may also mean an area has a shortage of specialized nurses. A shortage may also directly relate to specific types of positions. For example, a shortage may exist in elder care facilities, but not in a medical hospital or an emergency room.

Travel nurses have an advantage when a nursing shortage occurs because they travel to areas with a shortage in their chosen specialization.

The Economy Impacts Job Opportunities

Recessions and a poor economy impact nurses because fewer individuals seek medical care. When others are fired from positions, they lose their health insurance and may not be able to seek medical attention. A recession may also impact Medicare and Medicaid, which results in fewer individuals qualifying for the coverage they need to seek specific services. The result of a poor economy is a shortage of career opportunities or permanent staffing options in medical facilities or hospitals. However a poor economy impacts the Nation as a whole and currently healthcare is expected to grow at a rate of 14-16% per year based on the Healthcare Staffing Report – Strategic Assessment and Forecast.  The future nursing job market is promising.

The nursing job market reflects the overall market conditions in the country. A poor economy may result in fewer career opportunities. Shortages in nursing staff may not necessarily relate to your area of expertise or your local area. As a travel nurse working with Cure Healthcare, you have opportunities by looking at different regions and states for a position.

Determining Overtime Pay | Blended or Straight?

How do you determine if your rate is blended or straight?  Hopefully this post help shed some light on the subject.

Federal law under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires employers to pay a premium of one and one-half times the regular rate for all hours worked over 40 in a workweek (a defined, seven-consecutive-day period), but does not require this premium pay (overtime) for daily overtime or simply because an employee works on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday.  This would fall under the straight pay rates.

However, Alaska, California, Nevada, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands all have daily overtime laws for working over eight hours in a day. Colorado has daily overtime laws for working over 12 hours in a day.  Since Nurses work 12 hour shifts, if you take assignment in one of these listed territories the rates will be blended pay rates.


If you would like some light reading or enjoy looking at colorful maps, please click here for more information on the subject:


Top Reasons to Join Cure Healthcare Staffing

“Our Mission is to develop long lasting relationships built on trust, kindness and respect with the individuals who dedicate their lives to caring for other people.”

  • Company culture based on our mission
  • Experienced healthcare leadership combining over 25 years
  • Sustainability & reliability (zero corporate debt)
  • Executive team includes corporate nurses
  • Joint Commission certified (Press Release)
  • 1000’s of full-time 13 week assignments nationally
  • Assignments with the top healthcare facilities nationally
  • Local and travel assignments nationally
  • White glove approach to credentialing
  • W2 pay with non-taxable stipends available
  • Very competitive pay rates
  • No-hassle weekly pay via direct deposit
  • Acceptance & friendship from a dedicated team.
  • Prizes, recognition and exposure for outstanding work
  • Diverse and inclusive culture encouraging different perspectives and new ideas
  • Networking of thousands of caregivers nationally
  • Insurance benefits
  • Referral bonuses
  • Loyalty bonuses
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Nationwide network of professional recruiters
  • RN help desk & In-House Training
  • Assignment flexibility that fits your style
  • Professional culture utilizing best practices and innovation
  • Exceptional public image with great testimonials from nurses

We are committed to changing lives one nurse at a time.  Join our team today to experience more.

Hospital Jobs

Taking on a nursing career allows you to work in a variety of medical facilities. While hospital jobs are not your only option, they do offer a variety of positions in multiple areas of specialization for nursing professionals. Understanding the advantages of working in hospital jobs can help you make decisions about your career opportunities.

Working Directly With Specialized Doctors

A key reason to consider hospital jobs as a nurse is the ability to work with specialized doctors and medical professionals. You work directly under a doctor and help patients in specific areas of medical care. You can work in pediatrics, emergency treatment, intensive care or even surgical positions when you work in a hospital.

Caring for Patients in Emergency Situations

Emergency situations are often handled by a hospital rather than a small medical facility. Since hospitals have more equipment and a larger medical staff, patients seek treatment for emergencies in the facility. If you prefer to work with patients in emergency situations, then a hospital is the ideal environment for your career goals.

Gaining Experience in Your Preferred Field

Working in hospital jobs allow you to gain experience in your preferred area of specialization. If you have specialized skills, then working in a hospital allows you to use your skills to the maximum potential. It also allows you to gain more experience in a specific area while you build your career and work toward long-term goals. Smaller facilities may not offer the number of specialized fields or services as a hospital due to lack of funding or limited equipment.

Hospital jobs give you greater opportunities for growth in your career and the chance to work with patients in a variety of settings. It also gives you an exciting place of work where you can help a large number of patients while learning from more experienced professionals.